Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Welding cart assembly and custom painting

Question: What is a welding cart? 

 Eli: It's like a tray with wheels that specifically holds a mig welder. 

Question: Wait, why did you make that? where are you? is that at home? or a work shop? 
Eli: I'm at memorial high school in Mr. G's class. It came in pieces, and so I asked if I could build it.

Question: Did you come across any problems? 
Eli: Yes I did. the manufacture bolt was totally crooked so I had to cut it off.

Question: What did you cut it off with? 
Eli: I used an air pressured grinder to remove the bolt.

Question: Looks like there's some stripes on there? did it come like that? or did you paint that? 
Eli: Yea I had to paint it, but first I had to tape it then sand it cause you can't paint the whole thing. 

Question: Well what did you paint it with? 
Eli: I used Rust-oleum spray paint to give it a silver finish. I also added clear coat to the paint to give it a shiny finish.

Question: So did you have a paint booth to spray it or did you free spray it?  
Eli: I made my own paint booth and custom filter.

Question: How did you make the filter? 
Eli: I had a box that wasn't being used and glued it to the box. Then I made a whole into the box and inserted the hose so it can pull out the dust particles. 

Question: Wow! that's so cool!can you show us some final photos of the finished product? 

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