Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How to rebuild your freewheel bearings

Question: So... you're rebuilding the bearings on a freewheel? No way!

Eli: Yes, I'm currently fixing the wheel bearing for a bicycle that I'm working on in the shop. 

Question: Where are you working on this?

Eli: I am working out of West New York, New Jersey in the Memorial High School shop class.

Question: Do you have an inside look of the ball bearings?

Eli: This is what a bearing looks like partly disasassembled.

Question: Are the parts damaged and worn out. Did you clean the parts?

Eli: The parts were in good condtion. To clean them, we used Denatured alcohol.

Question: Is there a tool that you used to clean or did you clean them by hand?

Eli: I used a wired brush to clean the parts. These are the parts that make up the freewheel.

Question: Nice! Do you have pictures of the actual bearings?

Eli: This is a measurement of a 1/4 or .25 size ball bearing.

Question: Is the freewheel just made up of that size or are there different sizes?

Eli: There are different sizes. The two sizes are, the 1/4(.25) for the axle bearings, and the 1/8(.125), for the freewheel.

Question: Where can you buy the ball bearings from?

Eli: My teacher, Mr.G, bought them on amazon and they shipped from in greenville, SC.

Question: Where do the ball bearings go?

Eli: This is where the "outer race" for the 1/4 or .25 ball bearings to run around the axle.

Question: Can we get an inside look?

Eli: Whats clear to see in this blurry photo, is that there is a race track for the ball bearing to run around. In this case we only put one ball bearing to show you.

Q: Do you have apicture with all the bearings in?

Eli: This is the photo of all the bearings.

Question: What part goes to cover the area?

Eli: The axle is the part that is inserted into the space.

Question: Thats so cool! So then you just tighten the bolt?

Eli: I created a washer that locks in the grip of the bolt. If I don't do this the chain will loosen faster when not applied.

Question: Do you have drawings?

Eli: Yes. This drawing shows how the inner race is screwed onto the axle.

Question: What other parts make up the freewheel?

Eli: This picture shows the other parts that make up the freewheel.

Question: How does it work?

Eli: There is only one correct way to insert this part. The correct way is to insert them then twist the part and if it clicks its correct, if not then take it out and flip it to the other side.

Question: Thats great! Do you have any other drawings?

Eli: This is a drawing of the rear axle.

Question: Nice drawings! I see a logo in the corner, is that your logo?

Eli: This is my logo! I wanted to build a brand identity! and it represents me with headphones, a hat on, and glasses! 

Q: Nice! So is the bike finished? 

Eli: The bike is finished. It is up and running in nice condition.

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